[C.CC USERS] No build or version working for me.

Matt Jadud jadudm at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 13:28:51 BST 2010

Hi Laurence,

On Fri, Jul 30, 2010 at 6:46 PM, Laurence Laycock <rencio7 at gmail.com> wrote:
> and I both have arduinos and have tried all builds + previous ones testing
> with both arduinos for each platform and none of them function

One more quick followup, before I start driving again:

1. Plug in your Arduino.
2. Open up the jEdit environment.
3. Go to the Plugin menu and "start occPlug."
(Note: under Ubuntu, you should then quit jEdit and restart it at this
point if it is the first time you have used jEdit.)
4. Under the "Plugin" menu, under "occPlug," you should select "Upload
5. Select your Arduino from the list, and then click the Upload button
(... or, whatever we called it.)

This uploads the Transterpreter, which is the piece of software that
runs your programs. You need to upload it first.

6. After uploading the firmware, you can say "done" (er, or
something), and go back to testing programs. At that point,

#INCLUDE "plumbing.module"

PROC main ()

should work.

If you didn't upload the firmware first, then nothing will happen.

There is a slight possibility that I broke the Ubuntu version just
before leaving... I may have added a bit *too much* code. (If someone
on the list would double-check firmware size for me, and look at
whether the Arduino now breaks, that would be great. I'll be able to
check again tomorrow. I know it works just fine for the Mega, as it
has been tested there... :P)


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