[CCC DEV] AVR crossbuild fail on 64 bit

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Tue May 21 16:26:58 BST 2013

Hi all,

As far as I'm concerned, our project doesn't work.

1. I don't think a TVM build on a 64-bit machine works. Even with -fPIC,
the tvm segfaults out on most tests. I may have done something wrong,

2. A cross-build fails, implying to me that something in the chain is
broken. I don't know if that is a compiler oddity, or something simpler and
more superficial.

/home/jadudm/build/arduino-kroc/obj-avr/tools/kroc/occbuild --in-tree
/home/jadudm/build/arduino-kroc/obj-avr --toolchain=tvm --search ../maths
--no-std-libs --library forall.lib danalyse.tce ie32op.tce ranalyse.tce
ridiv.tce rimul.tce qridiv.tce qrimul.tce qshiftl.tce qshiftr.tce qnorm.tce
Serious-ilibr-danalyse.tce-could not open for reading

I'll try and trace it down, but (as usual) I'm trying to get things working
so I can do work, now, with students. (Invariably, I'm never doing this in
a reasonable way, months in advance, because I don't think life works that

My solution is going to be to set up a 32-bit VM, and hope that I can do a
clean build there. I'm simply reporting that I am pursuing what I hope will
be a faster path to a working system.

If anyone gets bored, and wants to try and help me get a working build on
64-bit platforms, that would be great. A "working build" means "we can run
kroc, the TVM, and do an Arduino cross-build."

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