[CCC DEV] Cleaning, filtering

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Sun May 19 14:17:51 BST 2013

Hi all,

1. I'm going to delete the two repositories labeled
"test-repository-do-not-clone" or similar. These were created a long time
ago, and I believe can safely go away.

2. I would like to rearrange a few things about the Arduino part of the
tree. In particular, I want to pull the occam code out of the kroc
repository, and put things into some separate repositories.

In particular:

occam/include should be pulled out, as it really is just the avr and
plumbing code.

community/bringfire should be pulled out, as it is bringfire's led chase

community/gatoruav should come out, as it is UAV controller code

community/prettys/plc should come out, as it is a library of code that lets
you write PLC-like controllers in occam-pi

I've filtered these out, and would like to push them into the concurrency
repository space as separate git repositories. Then, I'll start removing
things from the current tree, so that the tvm/arduino space is just the
code to get a VM built. It feels like these things are separate projects
that can all move independently at their own paces.



PS. I suspect there is more of the tree that could, someday, come apart.
I'm just doing this because it will make life easier as I bring the Arduino
back to life---these things don't need to impact the mainline tree, I don't
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