[CCC DEV] Dropping Windows, Mac

Carl Ritson C.G.Ritson at kent.ac.uk
Thu Apr 25 00:22:23 BST 2013

>> It's in the "mingw" branch -- which didn't get merged at the time
>> because it involved a truly horrible hack to make CCSP work without
>> signals or pipes, but if it's the TVM toolchain you're after then that
>> bit can be quietly ignored...
> That would probably be the way we'd go; the only reason for doing this would
> be to support native o-pi work that lets students do assignments like (for
> example) "Life on Mars." We could do it all "in the cloud," but that's
> another rewrite/massive project, so a Linux->Windows cross-build is a saner
> approach at this time, in my mind.

Going forward, I don't think there are any immediate plans to use the
TVM/KRoC toolchain for teaching at Kent in the next academic year.
The concurrency module as-is did it's final run through this year, and
I believe Erlang will be used in a replacement module next year.

If dropping platforms allows movement in the short term then I think
its a reasonable option.  I suspect that the majority of issues with
platforms (such as Windows and Mac) are largely build difficulties and
requirements for supporting tools (like Perl) rather than issues with
the code base (ignoring 64-bit).  This means that as long as you don't
do anything drastic then "dropping" the platforms doesn't actually
create anymore work in the future if the platforms were to be
supported again.



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