[CCC DEV] Branch question/confusion

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Wed Apr 24 12:37:57 BST 2013

Hi all,

I'm unclear about the branch tagging question.

Should we:

1. Tag at known good points, and
2. Do all development in trunk?


1. Tag as we start work, and
2. Do development in a branch?

With git, it seems like the natural workflow is:

1. Tag releases/feature points
2. Fork to explore/fix.
3. Request merges to bring them into trunk.
4. Branch for extended explorations

I'm sure there's a workflow description out there for using git
efficiently. I guess I'm just wondering /confused by the recent branching
conversation---why would we do all our work in a branch, and then... merge
back to trunk, as opposed to doing our work, and tagging at a point that we
might want people to do a checkout?

Or, did I confuse things horribly? I spent a good chunk of time with a
screaming baby last night, so do please excuse the confusion.

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