[CCC DEV] Fixing 64-bit

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Fri Apr 26 21:32:57 BST 2013

Hi all,

I'm working to better understand our build system, so I can better
contribute to maintenance and improvements to it. Right now, I'm trying to
fix the 64-bit build problem that Rick reported, and that is standing in my
way of a server-based compiler.

We build the compiler, and use that to build the library system. occbuild
gets processed such that information is embedded in the generated script
that is "aware" of where all of the tools are (occ21, plinker, etc.).
occbuild is then used to build the libraries.

To build with relocatable code on AMD64 (target_os "x86_64"?), we need to
pass -fPIC as a link-time flag to gcc. Because occbuild plays a role in
this, we want to make the change there. It would be nicest if this was a
new command-line option to occbuild, so it could be set in the driver
script, and be more flexible/reusable in the future.

However, what I'm trying to understand, is where do I need to do my
editing? Will this be a combination of:

* occbuild.in
* Makefile.am
* configure.ac

where the latter are down in the modules/bsclib/libsrc directory?

I am trying to fix the problem that Rick has with building on 12.04 LTS,
for which I've set up a VM. This also is necessary for my "put a compiler
in the cloud," as the VM we have set up on campus is the same machine. This
is a good learning exercise for me overall, but I could use a pointer or

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