[CCC DEV] Dropping Windows, Mac

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Wed Apr 24 13:35:19 BST 2013

Hi all,

I wanted to start another thread. Keeping things separate and all.

I haven't killed myself trying, but I spent a lot of hours (late in the
night, admittedly) trying to begin the Windows build resuscitation. There
is a lot of work time invested previously in that build to give us a
Windows-native Transterpreter that can (for example) run things like "Life
on Mars."

I don't 1) teach with these tools or 2) do research with them. I'm seeing,
as I try and dive in to resuscitate them (and with a second child), that I
cannot justify the time to rebuild the build system for Windows. (I haven't
tried the Mac tools yet; I hope they're more robust in the face of bitrot,
but I don't know.) I would like to propose the following:

1. Drop the Windows native build.
2. Drop the Mac native build.
3. Introduce a web-based editor and server-based compiler.

I intend for #3 to be how we support occam-pi on the AVR/Arduino.

This lets me focus on what matters to me, which is supporting embedded
targets. If/When we get Raspberry-Pi support baked in fully (eg. with
library support, etc.), we can support it in the same way, or we can choose
to support it natively (as it is still a *NIX machine.)

However, I can't support the multiple builds, and support my students in
the classroom/research space. I know UKC teaches with the Windows tools,
but (being a bit brutal here) that isn't my problem on a day-to-day basis.
Supporting the students I work with every day, on embedded sensing/robotics
projects, is.


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