[CCC DEV] Including Strawberry Perl?

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Wed Apr 10 12:46:52 BST 2013

Hi all,

When we last built a binary release, we used PAR::Packager to create an
executable of the plinker. However, since then:

1. GCC versions have changed.
2. Strawberry Perl versions have changed.
3. Package versions have changed.

I've run into a lot of nasty dependencies that I will, at some point, sort
out. However, in the meantime, I either:

1. Get an infinite build loop in Perl, or
2. I get binary incompatibilities, because PAR::Packager gets built with a
different C++ environment than the rest of the packages in the distribution.

I'd like to suggest packaging all of Strawberry Perl with our TVM/Windows
as a shortcut. This will add 25MB+ to the download (IIRC), but it will
eliminate the need to try and compile plinker.pl to a binary.

That, or we rewrite the plinker in C, Scheme, or Python. The first two
actually make it easy to build executables, the third less so, but we have
to do it for our other tools, so it would make sense. A rewrite, however,
is a slow option, and is not something I have time for at the moment.


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