[CCC DEV] Polling

Mathias Spiessens mathias.spiessens at student.kuleuven.be
Thu Jul 19 14:46:47 BST 2012

Hi all,

I'm struggling with cleaning up some occam code.

I've written a process that will poll for newly arrived messages and put 
these messages on a channel:

PROC sccMesh.recv(CHAN SCCMSG out!)
   INT coreID, string.length, success:
   [64]BYTE buffer:
       coreID := 0
       c.sccMesh.recv(coreID, string.length, buffer, success) -- wrapper 
process around FFI function
         success > 0
           out ! coreID; string.length::buffer
         TRUE                          -- nasty
           out ! coreID; 0::""                    -- nasty

This is not entirely nice. I do not want to send "empty" messages (see 
last lines of the code snippet).
However, leaving out those lines breaks the entire application running 
on the TVM (TVM exit code = 0x2912ba4). Is there a nice way to solve this?

If additional information is needed, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

Mathias Spiessens

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