[C.CC USERS] Question about writing messages to serial port

James Brown james.brown4994 at gmail.com
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Again many thanks.  I will work through this library now.


Here is the (nearly) completed code.  Thanks to the assistance I have had I
have made rapid progress after a slow start.


In words this is what it does.


Monitors the cat flap:  if my cat goes out, disarms.  Comes back in, rearms.

If the back door is opened, terminates the programme and indicates a

When armed, if PIR is detected, fires the sprayer valve.


Next steps will be:

-          A more elegant "bistable" for the flap.state process (i.e. not
relying on the PRI ALT, although this works fine)

-          Another lockout condition based on a timed flow monitor (to avoid
flood in case of a malfunction) which will drive a close off valve

-          Rewrite programme using approved styles


p.s.  I have found that digital.input crashes my arduino uno if using any
pin other than 2 or 3.  Hence my own monitor.pin proc. I will have a look at
what is going on here.




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Hi James,

serial.write.string(TX0, "Hello*n")




The occamdocs for the Plumbing modules should be reasonably up-to-date.







On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 6:28 PM, James Brown <james.brown4994 at gmail.com>


On arduino, how do I write a message out to the serial port so that it
appears in the occplug screen?  Would be useful for debugging.

James Brown

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