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Aaron Ryan bringfire at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 21:15:07 BST 2011

Hey Guys,

I am exploring the wiring.module as a bridge from the arduino functions into
the parallel computing realm for students here in the newly built Robot
House-- http://vimeo.com/25247089
http://www.sciarc.edu/portal/about/resources/robotics_lab.html at Sci-Arc.
 We are prototyping and implementing various end effectors using the arduino
as an independent controller that interfaces with the  Staubli Robot control
software, VAL 3.  I am starting to explore the possibilities of a CSP
approach using the Transterpreter.

The Plumbing for Arduino manual doesn't cover the use of the wiring.module
PROC's which would facilitate the transition between arduino
functions/thinking, and occam-pi functions/thinking.

Are there some more in depth recommended resources for learning
Occam/Occam-Pi, and more specifically is there anything that covers the
wiring.module and its PROC's?

I am excited about exploring the possibilities of this new approach here at

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