[C.CC USERS] Compiler erorrs.

Sam Ducksworth sducksworth at gmail.com
Fri Sep 10 04:40:10 BST 2010

I am trying to compile the following for the RCX:


PROC debug.man ()
      ?? Sleeping causes us to deschedule
      sleep (500 * MILLIS)
      lcd.set.segment (LCD.STANDING)
      sleep (500 * MILLIS)
      lcd.set.segment (LCD.WALKING)

PROC main (CHAN BYTE kyb?, scr!, err!)

I keep getting the following error:

Compiling: test-lcd.occ
8 errors found in source
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(1)- cannot open file "LCD.occ"
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(6)- invalid process
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(7)- sleep is not declared
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(7)- MILLIS is not declared
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(8)- lcd.set.segment is not declared
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(8)- LCD.STANDING is not declared
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(10)- LCD.WALKING is not declared
Error-occ21-test-lcd.occ(16)- foo is not declared
Warning-occ21-test-lcd.occ(13)- parameter err is not used
Warning-occ21-test-lcd.occ(13)- parameter scr is not used
Warning-occ21-test-lcd.occ(13)- parameter kyb is not used
foo undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" line 16
LCD.WALKING undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" line 10
LCD.STANDING undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" line 8
lcd.set.segment undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" lines 8,10
MILLIS undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" lines 7,9
sleep undeclared on "test-lcd.occ" lines 7,9
skroc: Could not compile test-lcd.occ.
skroc exited with error code: 1

I tried changing the library path using the plugin manager but that
only causes more issues. Downloading the firmware to the RCX works
fine. Current IDE version is v0.9.1 for windows. Am I missing



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