[C.CC USERS] Problem compiling heartbeat.occ

peter wadsworth petewaddy at gmail.com
Sat Jul 31 16:46:57 BST 2010

Having just moved from Vista to Ubuntu 10.04, I wanted to try the plumbing
on the arduino I have.

I have installed jEdit and the occPlug in via the terminal, and everything
seemed to work.

On trying to compile the downloaded file 01Heartbeat.occ the following
errors message appears

"Compiling: /home/pete/Downloads/01heartbeat.occ
Error-occ21-printing.module(250)- read.buffer.blocking is not declared
read.buffer.blocking undeclared on "printing.module" line 250
occbuild: Command failed: env /usr/bin/occ21 -t2 -V -etc -w -y -znd -znec
-udo -zncc -init -xin -mobiles -zrpe -zcxdiv -zcxrem -zep -b -tle -DEF
F.CPU=16000000 -DEF OCCBUILD.TVM /home/pete/Downloads/01heartbeat.occ
1 error found in source
compile exited with error code: 1"

This is the standard heartbeat code in the book
#INCLUDE "plumbing.module"

PROC main ()

It may be something I haven't done correctly when installing jEdit or the
plug in, since my experience with Ubuntu is limited.
Any ideas?

Peter Wadsworth
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