[CCC DEV] For when time becomes infinite...

Omer Kilic omer at concurrency.cc
Sat Apr 20 21:02:34 BST 2013

On (20/04/2013 20:31), Matt Jadud wrote:
> http://www.parallella.org/2013/04/16/hello-world-my-name-is-parallella/
> A student I was working with last year (Zach) made a good start on a
> library that implements Carl's work-stealing, wait-free scheduler.
> Getting that rolled into the TVM would give us 16- or 64-core power for
> around $100.
> That would make a great platform in an aircraft---video processing,
> control... we could run commstime continuously in the background just
> because we can...

I have a 16-core Parallella prototype on my desk so if anyone has a 
sudden urge to hack on it feel free to ping me :)


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