[CCC DEV] Including Strawberry Perl?

Matt Jadud matt at jadud.com
Wed Apr 10 18:56:13 BST 2013

I agree. That said, I'm going to step back and look again at the Windows
build environment. I saved my Windows VM in a pristine state, and will look
again at what it takes to bootstrap a *NIX environment for the full build
and packaging to run.

Christian put a lot of time into the support scripts to make it "easy" to
do this build, but as I said, many of the packages we used are now
out-of-date and/or not available. This is unsurprising: we basically left
the Windows build "dead" for nearly two years. (Quibble on the time, we
didn't do any releases of substance.)

After my note about web-based IDEs, I' spent a few more hours trying to
bring things back to life. I have been keeping a log, but given what I ran
into, I'm going to start afresh. It is clear that versions of things (eg.
moving from Perl 5.6.1 to 5.8.8) are problematic from a number of
perspectives. I'm going to have to revisit and ask questions like "what
version of MSYS/MinGW should I use with Perl 5.8.8?"

And, although I think it is unlikely, I might give another go with Cygwin.
It may, or may not, have moved forward since our last attempt, and perhaps
we can do a build strictly in Cygwin. There were problems "back then" that
made it not-the-right-choice, but my memory is hazy as to why it didn't

Either way, Christian's work resulted in a set of scripts that would 1)
download and 2) build everything that was needed to successfully distribute
the JEdit/KRoC/TVM environment on Windows. They don't "just work" at this
point, so I have to keep exploring and figure out what is the sanest way to

If anyone else is excited about Windows build scripts, feel free to pull
the tree and start poking as well. Once we figure things out, I'd like to
propose setting up an Amazon EC2 instance with Windows 7, and create a
virtual build machine that we can all use to do releasees with. For now,
though, that would just be a layer of complexity that I don't need while
trying to figure things out.


On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:31 AM, Martin Ellis <ellism88 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 12:46 PM, Matt Jadud <matt at jadud.com> wrote:
>> I'd like to suggest packaging all of Strawberry Perl with our TVM/Windows
>> as a shortcut. This will add 25MB+ to the download (IIRC), but it will
>> eliminate the need to try and compile plinker.pl to a binary.
> This is horrible... but unless anyone can think of a better plan it will
> be easier than rewriting the plinker.
> --
> M
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