[CCC DEV] TVM wrapper

Fred Barnes F.R.M.Barnes at kent.ac.uk
Wed Feb 15 23:11:15 GMT 2012

Hi Mathias,

> I've started working on a (baremetal) TVM wrapper for the Intel SCC.
> Is it possible to get a branch on the subversion repo for this?

Yep, that should be fine -- I'm assuming the Transterpreter sources all now
live on csprojects.  On that assumption, if you create yourself an account
via http://projects.cs.kent.ac.uk/ and let me know your username, I can make
the branch and give you commit access to it.

Matt/Christian/Carl/etc. please shout if my assumption is wrong!

> Is there some in depth documentation on the TVM wrapper in general
> (other then the publications at transterpreter.org)? Or is there a well
> documented wrapper implementation I could read through (preferable
> baremetal)?

I'll let others answer this one -- I don't know :o).  I'd imagine the
sources for things like the AVR port (Arduino + co.) are pretty well


-- Fred
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